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Remote Starter Kit


Get off to a flying start as a remote team with these mighty-fine tools that are tried and tested by the Hanno team. We’ll help you to power your team’s virtual collaboration and happiness.

All your life-saving remote tools at a glance 🌍

Connect with your team & clients to chitchat, discuss or crack jokes 💬

Stay updated on who’s doing what & when 👀

Celebrate what you value and build a happier team 🙌

Fire away ideas and create magic together

Secure your digital presence 🔑

Get into the zone for some deep work and boost productivity

Be kind to your body & become a pro remotee 🌍👨

Sign up for all these apps and you’re sorted! 💻

Try out these processes and tweak them as you go 👌



A real-time messaging platform that lets you chat in pairs, small groups or as an entire team.

Get Slack



Another great app for keeping track of projects and assigning tasks to team members.

Get Trello



Hanno’s sister company for remote user testing. Effortlessly conduct moderated remote user interviews and user testing sessions.

Try PingPong



Make team decisions together via a transparent voting system.

Try Loomio

G Suite


Create and share documents, spreadsheets, slides and forms with your team. Make edits in real-time and leave comments for others.

Try G Suite



A secure way to make sure everyone on the team has access to passwords for apps they use for work.

Get 1Password



Break your day into smaller, more digestible tasks and keep track of time spent on each task.

Get Toggl

Roost Stand


Roost is an ultra-portable, lightweight laptop stand that transforms into an ergonomic workstation.

Buy Roost



The best video chat tool we’ve tried so far. Run smooth virtual meetings from one-on-one’s to entire team meetings and keep glitches to a minimum.

Get Zoom

Harvest Forecast


Find out when team members are working, how much time they will be spending on specific projects and when they’re taking time off.

Try Forecast



Create an onboarding playbook with all the procedures and etiquette your team currently follows.

Try GitBook



An online brainstorming tool that lets teams collaborate and share their brilliant ideas in real-time through virtual sticky notes, images, text, shapes and so much more.

Try Mural



A slackbot that tracks your team’s happiness by encouraging them to share how they feel.

Meet Oskar



A great VPN to keep your team’s connection secure and when they’re working from public networks like coworking spaces or cafes.

Get Cloak



A time tracker designed for remote teams, with similar functions described on Pomodoro Technique.

Try Cuckoo

Logitech Brio


Pick a webcam that enhances the quality of your video calls. BRIO is our favourite for its top notch quality.

Buy Brio



Keep everyone on the same page and never let anyone fall in an email thread abyss again.

Try Basecamp



Plan projects, assign tasks and see what everyone on the team has on their plate.

Try Asana



Get paired with a different team member each week for a casual catch up.

Share a Donut



Collaboratively design in real time, in one place, and share designs with one link.

Try Figma



Progress, Plans, Problems. A simple structure for regular updates that cut through the chaos.

Learn More



Dive into your favourite environment with these atmospheric sounds.

Try Noisli

Shure MV5


Get rid of background noise and improve the audio quality in your calls with this portable, USB-powered desktop mic.

Buy MV5



Let people book virtual meetings with you with meeting times automatically showing in the time zone they’re in.

Try Calendly

Weekly Update


A single document that shows exactly your company’s state of play.

Learn More



An automated screen dimmer that adjusts your computer display according to the time of the day.

Save your eyes

Weekly Team Hangout


Make time to socialise with your colleagues once a week.

How we do it

Google Drive


Store, organise and share team files and documents.

Try Google Drive

Remote Design Thinking


Adapt your design thinking process to an online environment with these RDT recommendations.

Read More

Team Feedback


Improve team dynamics by sharing constructive feedback collectively.

Learn More

Places to Work



Find a coworking space or cafe nearby to work from based on your location.

Check it out

The Clock


Not just any clock… The Best World Clock. A must-have to wrangle multiple time zones.

Get The Clock

Team Retreats


Don’t underestimate the power of meeting IRL once in a while!

Our experience

Ergonomic Equipment


Protect your wrists in the long run by using the right mouse and keyboard. + More recommendations!

See them all

Made with 💛 by your friends at Hanno

Although we build fun little tools like this one as side projects, our day job is as a team of digital health designers working remotely to save and improve lives with apps!

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